SE Racing Wing Max 63% OFF Logo Pad Chrome Black Blue Vinyl Set SE,Set,,Chrome/Black/Blue,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Wing,/Bogomil1475057.html,Logo,Vinyl,Pad,$35,Racing $35 SE Racing Wing Logo Pad Set Vinyl Chrome/Black/Blue Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation SE,Set,,Chrome/Black/Blue,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Wing,/Bogomil1475057.html,Logo,Vinyl,Pad,$35,Racing SE Racing Wing Max 63% OFF Logo Pad Chrome Black Blue Vinyl Set $35 SE Racing Wing Logo Pad Set Vinyl Chrome/Black/Blue Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

SE Racing Wing Max Fashionable 63% OFF Logo Pad Chrome Black Blue Vinyl Set

SE Racing Wing Logo Pad Set Vinyl Chrome/Black/Blue


SE Racing Wing Logo Pad Set Vinyl Chrome/Black/Blue

Product description

The most iconic logo that BMX has ever seen! The SE Racing wing logo is emblazoned boldly on this classic 3pc padset. These pads will dress up any bike, old school or new!

• 3pc padset
• Vinyl construction
• Double velcro width on top tube pad helps to fit securely on various frames
• 11.8" long top tube pad
• 10.8" long handlebar pad

Brand: SE Racing

SE Racing Wing Logo Pad Set Vinyl Chrome/Black/Blue

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