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ROOR King Size Rice Pre-Rolled Cones Cheap Max 87% OFF mail order shopping Packs with XL 30 Box Hipp

ROOR King Size Rice Pre-Rolled Cones (30 Packs/Box) with XL Hipp


ROOR King Size Rice Pre-Rolled Cones (30 Packs/Box) with XL Hipp

Product description

Size:30 Packs/Box

ROOR King Size Rice Pre-Rolled Cones
ROOR is a German brand that prides itself on creating quality products with only the best materials that they can use. Due to their high-quality products, ROOR is a beloved favorite for many smokers everywhere and is quickly gaining recognition for their quality!

ROOR King Size Rice Pre-Rolled Cones are a perfect way to enjoy a smoke, as their pure rice paper makes for a smooth and easy smoking experience. With these pre-rolled cones, you can spend more time enjoying a quality smoke than fussing with getting the perfect roll!

Authentic XL "Hippie Butler" Branded KewlTube
These tubes are made of plastic and have a rubber top. This seals in odor and prevents lint, water, or anything else you have in your pockets from getting in. You will receive 1 tube. Color may vary.

ROOR King Size Rice Pre-Rolled Cones (30 Packs/Box) with XL Hipp

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