$39 JFG RACING Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Cover - XJR1300 1998- Automotive Motorcycle Powersports JFG RACING Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Cover 1998- - price XJR1300 Cover,demail.nl,-,Speedometer,$39,Tachometer,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Odometer,JFG,/alienee1054687.html,1998-,XJR1300,RACING JFG RACING Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Cover 1998- - price XJR1300 $39 JFG RACING Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Cover - XJR1300 1998- Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Cover,demail.nl,-,Speedometer,$39,Tachometer,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Odometer,JFG,/alienee1054687.html,1998-,XJR1300,RACING

JFG RACING Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Cover Popular brand 1998- - price XJR1300

JFG RACING Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Cover - XJR1300 1998-


JFG RACING Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Cover - XJR1300 1998-

Product description

Color:A XJR1300 1998-2002

100% Brand New, Never Mounted
Material: Plastic
Good Working Condition and Easy installation
This listing is just for the case, there is no number plate inside.
You need to use your original bolts to install it.
Color: As Pictures
A XJR1300 1998-2002
Package Includes:
1* Speedometer Gauges Housing Case as Picture
Installation Instruction NOT Included

JFG RACING Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Cover - XJR1300 1998-

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