$25 Tequila Rustic Sculpture DIY Metal Agave Plant Statue, YeLuck 25 Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor Sculpture,DIY,Rustic,Plant,Agave,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,Statue,,25,$25,/alienee1401687.html,Tequila,demail.nl,YeLuck,Metal New color Tequila Rustic Sculpture DIY Metal Agave YeLuck Plant 25 Statue New color Tequila Rustic Sculpture DIY Metal Agave YeLuck Plant 25 Statue Sculpture,DIY,Rustic,Plant,Agave,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,Statue,,25,$25,/alienee1401687.html,Tequila,demail.nl,YeLuck,Metal $25 Tequila Rustic Sculpture DIY Metal Agave Plant Statue, YeLuck 25 Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor

New color Tequila Rustic Sculpture DIY Metal Agave YeLuck Plant 25 Quality inspection Statue

Tequila Rustic Sculpture DIY Metal Agave Plant Statue, YeLuck 25


Tequila Rustic Sculpture DIY Metal Agave Plant Statue, YeLuck 25

Product description

25.5inch Diy Metal Art Tequila Rustic Sculpture Garden Yard Art Sculpture Home Decor


This is a Ru sty blue Tequila Agave plant, painted with blue high lights in contrast with its Ru sty style finish creates a very unique juxtaposition.

This tequila plant will brighten up any space you place it in. This particular Agave has no base to give it a look as if its growing from out of the ground. These are hand made to order so each plant will vary slightly.

These one of a kind head turning agaves will demand attention in any grade or home space placed.

These art sculptures are 100% handmade to order.

It's DIY's decoration. You can decorate your house by yourself


1 piece 65 x 8.6cm / 25.6"x 3.4"

1 piece 62.1x8.4cm /24.4" x 3.3"

1 piece 58 x 8.2cm /22.8" x 3.2"

3 piece 46 x 6.7cm /18" x 2.6"

3 piece 33 x 7cm /13" x 2.75"

Package Included:

1PC x Metal Tequila Sculpture (1 set 9 leaves)

Tequila Rustic Sculpture DIY Metal Agave Plant Statue, YeLuck 25

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