$33 The HomeCentric Handmade Ivory Shams, Sequins Chevron Zig Zag Gl Home Kitchen Bedding demail.nl,The,Shams,,Gl,Zig,Chevron,/archbishop1054631.html,Ivory,$33,Zag,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Sequins,HomeCentric,Handmade The HomeCentric Handmade Ivory Reservation Shams Sequins Chevron Zig Zag Gl demail.nl,The,Shams,,Gl,Zig,Chevron,/archbishop1054631.html,Ivory,$33,Zag,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Sequins,HomeCentric,Handmade The HomeCentric Handmade Ivory Reservation Shams Sequins Chevron Zig Zag Gl $33 The HomeCentric Handmade Ivory Shams, Sequins Chevron Zig Zag Gl Home Kitchen Bedding

Credence The HomeCentric Handmade Ivory Reservation Shams Sequins Chevron Zig Zag Gl

The HomeCentric Handmade Ivory Shams, Sequins Chevron Zig Zag Gl


The HomeCentric Handmade Ivory Shams, Sequins Chevron Zig Zag Gl

Product description

Size:24 x 24 inch

Gold Silver Tinsel is an exclusive 100% handmade decorative euro sham cover designed and created with intrinsic detailing. A perfect item to decorate your living room, bedroom, office, couch, chair, sofa or bed.

Decorative Euro Sham Cover Details:
Condition: 100% Brand New
Dimension: 24 x 24 inch (60 x 60 cm)
Fabric: Cotton Linen
Material: Cotton
Color: Ivory
Color Map: Ivory
Pattern: Chevron
Style: Modern
Back of the Cover: Plain fabric with concealed flap covered zipper on the back for easy insertion and removal of inserts

Note: This listing for decorative throw pillow cover does not include Pillow or Inserts. We do not sell pillow inserts on our store. Due to the difference in computer monitors, actual colors may slightly vary.

The HomeCentric is the place where luxury is coated in comfort. Coveted by many, we offer a wide range of decorative pillow covers, euro shams, bed runners, table runners, duvet covers and even fabrics for your curtains and other home décor products. Handcrafted by Indian artisans, our products exhibit fine finishing and style to meet all your expectations.Our services reach out from customization to endless effort from your first click to the day we deliver and even after that. Feel The HomeCentric as your home for décor.

The HomeCentric Handmade Ivory Shams, Sequins Chevron Zig Zag Gl

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