,6x4,38.5x14x1.5,$18,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Nick,Photo,Double,Zep,Frame,,Silver,Landscape,cm,/archbishop1068831.html,6x4,38.5x14x1.5,$18,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Nick,Photo,Double,Zep,Frame,,Silver,Landscape,cm,/archbishop1068831.html Zep Nick Silver Double 6x4 Landscape Frame 38.5x14x1.5 cm quality assurance Photo $18 Zep Nick Silver Double 6x4 Landscape Photo Frame, 38.5x14x1.5 cm Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $18 Zep Nick Silver Double 6x4 Landscape Photo Frame, 38.5x14x1.5 cm Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Zep Nick Silver Double 6x4 Landscape Frame 38.5x14x1.5 cm quality assurance Photo

Zep All items free shipping Nick Silver Double 6x4 Landscape Frame 38.5x14x1.5 cm quality assurance Photo

Zep Nick Silver Double 6x4 Landscape Photo Frame, 38.5x14x1.5 cm


Zep Nick Silver Double 6x4 Landscape Photo Frame, 38.5x14x1.5 cm

Product description

Product Description

The Nick 6x4 Silver Double Photo frame will take two 6x4 photographs in horizontal format and has a modern feel to it. The brushed matt finish gives the frame a classy feel and the metal hinges in the middle ensure that the frame stands securely. The Nick Double frame measyres approximately 13.5 x 5inches when standing and has glass protection on the apertures. The frame edge measures approximately 3/4" and is slightly curved in the corners for a softer feel; it is also bevelled into the photo inside for additional interest.

Set Contains:

6x4 Double Landscape Photo Frame

Zep Nick Silver Double 6x4 Landscape Photo Frame, 38.5x14x1.5 cm

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