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Sidefeel Women Ranking TOP5 Hooded Sweater Vest Coat Outerwear Cardigan Knit Save money

Sidefeel Women Hooded Sweater Vest Knit Cardigan Outerwear Coat


Sidefeel Women Hooded Sweater Vest Knit Cardigan Outerwear Coat

Product Description


size information(inch)

Round button vest:

  • Small---(fits like us 4-6): Shoulder 15.1---Bust 38.1---Length 27.5
  • Medium---(fits like us 8-10): Shoulder 15.7---Bust 40.1---Length 28.3
  • Large---(fits like us 12-14): Shoulder 16.3---Bust 42.1---Length 29.1
  • X-Large---(fits like us 16-18): Shoulder 17.3---Bust 45.2---Length 29.9
  • XX-Large---(fits like us 18-20): Shoulder 18.1---Bust 48.3---Length 30.7

Horn button vest:

  • Small---(fits like us 4-6) : Shoulder 14.7---Bust 38.1---Length 25.9
  • Medium---(fits like us 8-10) : Shoulder 15.7---Bust 40.1---Length 26.7
  • Large---(fits like us 12-14) : Shoulder 16.7---Bust 428.1---Length 27.5
  • X-Large---(fits like us 16-18) : Shoulder 17.9---Bust 45.2---Length 28.3
  • XX-Large---(fits like us 18-20) : Shoulder 19.1---Bust 48.3---Length 29.1

Cable Knit Hooded Sweater Vest

  • Horn button detail
  • Occasion: Spring amp; Autumn, Winter
  • Feature: side pockets, hooded
  • Pattern: solid




Sidefeel Women Hooded Sweater Vest Knit Cardigan Outerwear Coat

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