Superior New Shipping Free Shipping Non-Slip Hadley Indoor Area 6' Beige x Rug Washable Superior New Shipping Free Shipping Non-Slip Hadley Indoor Area 6' Beige x Rug Washable $72 Superior Non-Slip Hadley Indoor Area Rug, Washable Beige, 6' x Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /archbishop924731.html,Indoor,$72,Washable,Hadley,Rug,,6',Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,Beige,,Non-Slip,Superior,Area,x $72 Superior Non-Slip Hadley Indoor Area Rug, Washable Beige, 6' x Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /archbishop924731.html,Indoor,$72,Washable,Hadley,Rug,,6',Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,Beige,,Non-Slip,Superior,Area,x

Superior New Shipping Free Non-Slip Hadley Indoor Area 6' Beige Free shipping x Rug Washable

Superior Non-Slip Hadley Indoor Area Rug, Washable Beige, 6' x


Superior Non-Slip Hadley Indoor Area Rug, Washable Beige, 6' x

Product description

Size:6' x 9'

Neutral blocks in hues of light indigo, beige, black, and yellow create a contemporary patchwork pattern in the Hadley Area Rug by Superior. Expertly crafted with premium, 100% Nylon fibers and a 0. 18" pile height, this rug can handle the busiest rooms of your home while remaining cozy underfoot. Add an instant update to your tile or hardwood floors with this lovely, subdued design. Reinvent the beauty of your floors with this lovely rug. These items are machine washable amp; rug-able.

Superior Non-Slip Hadley Indoor Area Rug, Washable Beige, 6' x

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