$20 Browning Invector-DS Choke-12 Gauge Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Browning,Gauge,Invector-DS,$20,Choke-12,/archbishop990531.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,demail.nl $20 Browning Invector-DS Choke-12 Gauge Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Browning Lowest price challenge Invector-DS Gauge Choke-12 Browning,Gauge,Invector-DS,$20,Choke-12,/archbishop990531.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,demail.nl Browning Lowest price challenge Invector-DS Gauge Choke-12

Browning Lowest Free Shipping New price challenge Invector-DS Gauge Choke-12

Browning Invector-DS Choke-12 Gauge


Browning Invector-DS Choke-12 Gauge

Product description

Invector-DS Choke Tube - Fit flush with the end of the barrel but are longer than competitors tubes - Proprietary differential banded gas seal eliminates residue build up and makes chokes easy to remove and install - Integrated spring suspension holds the seal tight, yet allows expansion against the barrel wall for a perfect fit and a smooth transition for the shot column entering the choke - Gas is controlled at the interface between choke and where it seats in the bore - From skeet to full choke, patterns tighten consistently and reliably Specifications: - Material: Nickel Chrome Moly - Color: Chrome - Pockets: Chrome - Choke Gauge: 12 - Flush Fitting - Skeet

Browning Invector-DS Choke-12 Gauge

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