$31 Leather Belt Made In UK - Embossed Basket Weave Print Solid Bras Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Weave,UK,/associability1259302.html,Leather,-,Made,Basket,demail.nl,Belt,Print,Solid,Bras,In,Embossed,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$31 Weave,UK,/associability1259302.html,Leather,-,Made,Basket,demail.nl,Belt,Print,Solid,Bras,In,Embossed,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$31 Leather Belt Made In UK - Embossed Large discharge sale Bras Weave Solid Basket Print $31 Leather Belt Made In UK - Embossed Basket Weave Print Solid Bras Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Leather Belt Made In UK - Embossed Large discharge sale Bras Weave Solid Basket Print

Leather Belt Made In UK - Embossed Large discharge sale Bras Ranking TOP15 Weave Solid Basket Print

Leather Belt Made In UK - Embossed Basket Weave Print Solid Bras


Leather Belt Made In UK - Embossed Basket Weave Print Solid Bras

Product description

British made 1 3/8" (35mm) basket weave embossed leather belt. Full grain Italian vegetable tanned leather. Not made with inferior bonded or split leather. High quality Italian made solid brass buckle. Black belt with nickel plated solid brass buckle. Brown with plain solid brass buckle and protective lacquer to prevent tarnishing. Riveted 'Return' which is strong and durable. 5 adjustment holes from the first to the last hole.

Full-grain vegetable tanned leather is desirable because of its minimal treatments, natural appearance, durability and breathability. Full-grain vegetable tanned leather is tanned with natural plant extracts and is considered among the best quality leather you can buy. It is long lasting and will develop a patina with age

Size Guidance

Our belt measurements are taken from the 'Return' and then up to the first and last hole.The 'Return' is where the belt meets with the buckle (see diagram).

1.Measure one of your own belts from the 'Return' to the hole you use to fasten your belt. Use this measurement to select one of our belts that has this measurement within its size range. Make sure that your own belt has no stretch though as this could result in an inaccurate measurement.

2.Or measure your waist whilst wearing your pants as this should give you the correct belt size.

3.Or if you dont have a tape measure you can approximate your belt size but this will not be so accurate. Your belt size will usually need to be about one to two inches bigger than your actual waist size depending on the thickness of your clothing material and how tight you like to wear your belt/ clothing.



Leather Belt Made In UK - Embossed Basket Weave Print Solid Bras

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