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Cheap SALE Start ELECOM Animal Mouse Pad with Ergonomic Special price for a limited time Wrist Reduce Rest Design

ELECOM Animal Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Ergonomic Design Reduce


ELECOM Animal Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Ergonomic Design Reduce

Product Description

  • You can enjoy the texture of comfortable urethane material and soft and appropriate thick surface ensures a precise control.
  • Animal mouse pad that adds stylish and fancy color to your workspace.
  • Includes wrist rest which provides soft support to typing for long time, relieve the pressure, fatigue, and pain of your wrist.
  • The underneath of the Pad is made of rubbery grip material. No need to worry about re-positioning all the time.
  • Available to all types of mouse, BLUE LED, LASER and OPTICAL.
  • Note: May not work depending on the specification of the mouse.
"MOCHIMARU" Wrist Rest Background Paper Flower Speaker Mount Animal Wrist Rest 2 Finger Glove (No Padding Patch) 1 Finger Glove
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ELECOM Animal Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Ergonomic Design Reduce


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