$28 FALKE Mens SK2 Skiing Socks Merino Wool Black Grey 1 Pair Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $28 FALKE Mens SK2 Skiing Socks Merino Wool Black Grey 1 Pair Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men FALKE Mens SK2 Skiing Socks Merino Wool Pair Black San Jose Mall 1 Grey Skiing,Grey,FALKE,Merino,Wool,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,1,Mens,Pair,demail.nl,Black,$28,Socks,/bewrayingly1259249.html,SK2 FALKE Mens SK2 Skiing Socks Merino Wool Pair Black San Jose Mall 1 Grey Skiing,Grey,FALKE,Merino,Wool,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,1,Mens,Pair,demail.nl,Black,$28,Socks,/bewrayingly1259249.html,SK2

FALKE Mens SK2 Skiing Socks Merino Wool Pair Black San New product! New type Jose Mall 1 Grey

FALKE Mens SK2 Skiing Socks Merino Wool Black Grey 1 Pair


FALKE Mens SK2 Skiing Socks Merino Wool Black Grey 1 Pair

Product description

PRODUCT INFORMATION: The FALKE SK2 is our all-rounder ski sock, ideal for recreational skiers. The medium-strength cushioning ensures optimal protection and balanced boot contact. The rapid heat transport and moisture wicking of these socks plus their optimised shape guarantees superior comfort and a stress-free day’s skiing. ABOUT FALKE SKI: From the first descent at dawn to the final run at sunset, our sports legwear and base layers will impress every discerning skier with their great heat retention properties and their perfect fit. The innovative FALKE ergonomic sport system ski socks offer maximum protection and comfort while also guaranteeing maximum enjoyment on the slopes with optimal control and power transmission. ABOUT THE BRAND: FALKE is a family-run premium German brand, with a long experience in manufacturing modern clothing accessories designed to match the lifestyle, the personal culture and the needs of each individual. Since 1895 they have stood for fashionable clothing made from high-quality materials, finished with handcrafted perfection and an eye for detail. Through the influence of new ideas and the long experience our garments arise in extraordinary quality and contemporary design.

FALKE Mens SK2 Skiing Socks Merino Wool Black Grey 1 Pair

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