$35 NGK/NTK Throttle Position Sensor TH0052 (75393) Automotive Replacement Parts NGK NTK Throttle Position TH0052 Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Sensor 75393 NGK NTK Throttle Position TH0052 Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Sensor 75393 $35 NGK/NTK Throttle Position Sensor TH0052 (75393) Automotive Replacement Parts TH0052,Position,(75393),$35,/bewrayingly990449.html,Sensor,Throttle,demail.nl,NGK/NTK,Automotive , Replacement Parts TH0052,Position,(75393),$35,/bewrayingly990449.html,Sensor,Throttle,demail.nl,NGK/NTK,Automotive , Replacement Parts

NGK NTK Throttle Position TH0052 Popular shop is the Store lowest price challenge Sensor 75393

NGK/NTK Throttle Position Sensor TH0052 (75393)


NGK/NTK Throttle Position Sensor TH0052 (75393)

Product description

An essential sensor for proper acceleration and engine performance, the throttle position sensor (commonly referred to as a TPS sensor) produces a DC voltage signal telling the vehicle computer the location of the throttle plate within the throttle body.

NGK/NTK Throttle Position Sensor TH0052 (75393)

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