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Wall Clock Compatible Ranking TOP19 with The LED - Nightmare Before Christmas Max 64% OFF

Wall Clock Compatible with The Nightmare Before Christmas - LED


Wall Clock Compatible with The Nightmare Before Christmas - LED

Product description


Extremely Stylish and vintage wall clock made from used vinyl records. The clock has one more additional function, it can serve as a night light. The light is based on LED diodes, which have an outstanding operational lifetime of up to 100.000 hours. Detailed information about the product: The size of the clock is 12" We pack our handmade clock - lamp in a separate protected box. It is switched on by the button. You can choose one of the templates developed by our professional designers or you can create your own design and we will implement it for you. We will need around 2-3 working days to make you vinyl record wall clock - lamp and send it to you. It takes around 14 - 28 working days to be delivered. The tracking number is provided. We will refund you the money or send you another clock free of charge within 30 days after you receive the lamp in case the clock comes broken. Please provide pictures. The vintage vinyl record wall lamp clock suits to any design and interior. Your little piece of art is waiting for you and will be an exciting gift idea for everyone!

Wall Clock Compatible with The Nightmare Before Christmas - LED

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