Quiksilver Porter Snowboard Classic Pants Kids Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,$49,Quiksilver,Snowboard,Kids,/category/french-culture/,Pants,Porter,demail.nl $49 Quiksilver Porter Snowboard Pants Kids Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,$49,Quiksilver,Snowboard,Kids,/category/french-culture/,Pants,Porter,demail.nl $49 Quiksilver Porter Snowboard Pants Kids Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Quiksilver Porter Snowboard Classic Pants Kids

Quiksilver Porter Max 48% OFF Snowboard Classic Pants Kids

Quiksilver Porter Snowboard Pants Kids


Quiksilver Porter Snowboard Pants Kids

Product description

  • Waterproofing: 10K Quiksilver DryFlight technology for better waterproofing [10,000 mm / 5000g]
  • Fabric: Polyester plain weave fabric
  • Insulation: WarmFlight x2 technology for low bulk and high warmth insulation [Fill weight: 100g]
  • Lining: Strategic body mapping of brushed tricot and taffeta
  • Seam taping at critical zones
  • Jacket-to-pant adjustment system
  • Internal waist adjuster
  • Lift ticket holder
  • Cargo pocket
  • Mesh lined venting
  • Taffeta boot gaiter
  • Fit: Regular fit

Quiksilver Porter Snowboard Pants Kids

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