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Pack Smooch Leather Mouse Selling rankings Pad with Large discharge sale Anti-Slip Rubber Ba Natural

Pack Smooch Leather Mouse Pad with Anti-Slip Natural Rubber Ba


Pack Smooch Leather Mouse Pad with Anti-Slip Natural Rubber Ba

Product Description

Leather mouse pad with anti-slip backside (suction cup foil)


  • Stop slipping away on the desk
  • Just place it on a smooth desk and use the power of vacuum (no rough wood; the smoother the desk the better works the suction foil)
  • No active glueing
  • Easy to remove / easy to reposition
  • Usable any number of times (if any time the vacuum effect fades, just use a damp cloth and clean the suction cup tape from dusk)


  • Pure vegetable tanned leather (Made in Italy - Pelle Cociata Al Vegetale In Toscana)
  • High quality suction cup foil (Made in USA)


  • Designed to be practical but simple as possible.

All products are handmade under fair working conditions in our studio in Hamburg, Germany

21,5 cm / 8.3 inches diameter

(The accessories on the pictures are only used to show how you could use this leather mouse pad)


100% Merino wool felt (Made in Germany)

Our pure wool felt comes from Merino sheep. It is comprised of 100 % pure new wool. In Germany, the wool is then felted using traditional methods which compress the wool together using very high pressure. Many steps are necessary before we have the finished material. Pure Merino wool felt is a material which is relatively easy to take care of and keep clean. Our designer felt is a high-quality natural product made of 100% finest pure new
wool. Minor deviations in the colour and very small inclusions of natural fibres on the surface are proof of the natural origin of the material. If the article should become soiled, you can clean it with a damp cloth. In the case of heavier soiling, clean it with a soap solution and dry the area with a cloth making sure that the item keeps its shape.


Vegetable tanned Italian leather (Made in Italy)

Our vegetable tanned leather is sourced from family-run tanneries. It is vegetable tanned using sustainable methods. It is only this high quality leather that is used in all of our products. Our vegetable tanned italian leather is also a pure natural product which often shows some typical natural characteristics. These natural characteristics are formed during the course of the animal’s life as a result of injuries or fighting within the herd.
Many people do not know what real natural leather is like because most kinds of leather are sealed with a plastic layer precisely to mask these natural characteristics. The plastic coatings have been proved to cause damage to the environment and they simply simulate the perfect condition of leather. The result of this development is that uniform leather surfaces shape our expectations without taking account of its own character. Each and every one of our products becomes an individual item provided that nature is allowed to show its beauty in many different ways.

Each item will be produced by hand in our Hamburg, Germany based manufacture

The Road to the Finished Product

In the very first beginning there is an idea. Then we make a lot of scetches on paper and prototypes. As soon as we are satisfied with a prototype and have extensively tested it, we introduce it into our product line and the manufacturing process can begin. The felt and leather is then delivered in big rolls to us in Hamburg where the cutting then starts. All manufacturing processes take place in our studio. These are all the steps we take in creating our handmade, high quality and sustainable Pack amp; Smooch products.

Made With Care

Product Design
Our product design is uncompromisingly reduced to its most essential form. Simple and practical, elegant and timeless.
Our material all come from natural origins. Our Merino wool felt is made from 100% pure new wool from the Merino sheep. For our leather we only use untreated, vegetable tanned cowhide.
All of our products are manufactured only in Germany - from first design to the end product. Our products are produced by careful handwork.

Pack amp; Smooch

is a young Hamburg label with its roots in product design. Our passion is found where fine, high quality materials and outstanding design meet. Since 2010 we have been offering a steadily growing assortment of bags and accessories for laptops, tablets and smartphones.
We are a small manufacturer, but because of the high quality of our products, we have customers from all over the world. All our products are manufactured in our Hamburg studio right from the first design sketches to the finished product.
Our goal is to create high quality and timeless products that never stop pleasing their owners.

Pack Smooch Leather Mouse Pad with Anti-Slip Natural Rubber Ba

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