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Crabs Adjust Humidity Colorado National products Springs Mall Two Vol -

Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol Two


Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol Two

Product description

Stalin is often quoted as saying that "quantity has a quality all its own." We here at Vampire Squid Cards agree with that sentiment--as least as far as it applies to kittens, beer and exposed genitalia. Also, cards. Prepare to get a nostril full of that intoxicating New Card Smell with Crabs Adjust Humidity: Volume 2. We've dug deep into our therapist's notes and angsty, forgotten Live Journal blogs to bring you another 112 inappropriately-worded cards that-were you to play them in public-would probably get you put on a list of some kind. You really need Cards Against Humanity to use this. So go buy it. Cards Against Humanity is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC and is completely unaffiliated with this game or its publisher.

Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol Two

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