Mid,Men's,KEEN,Boot,/coestate1475021.html,-,Polar,demail.nl,Targhee,III,$112,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men KEEN Free Shipping New Targhee III Mid Men's Boot - Polar Mid,Men's,KEEN,Boot,/coestate1475021.html,-,Polar,demail.nl,Targhee,III,$112,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men $112 KEEN Targhee III Mid Polar Boot - Men's Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $112 KEEN Targhee III Mid Polar Boot - Men's Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men KEEN Free Shipping New Targhee III Mid Men's Boot - Polar

KEEN Free Shipping New Targhee Al sold out. III Mid Men's Boot - Polar

KEEN Targhee III Mid Polar Boot - Men's


KEEN Targhee III Mid Polar Boot - Men's

Product description

Warm winter boots that won't weigh you down, KEEN Targhee III Polar Mid Insulated Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men help active folks stand up to harsh winter conditions. A boot that brings Targhee III performance and protection for colder outdoor adventures, this sturdy hiker supports and protects feet with a waterproof leather and mesh upper surrounded around the bottom with a leather mud shield. Inside, breathable mesh linings and KEEN.DRY waterproof/breathable membranes lock out snow and other winter precipitation to keep feet dry. 200-gram KEEN.Warm Insulation around the foot works with the boots' TRAPOLATOR underfoot insulation system to lock out cold winter temperatures. Proven metatomical dual-density EVA footbeds and CMEVA midsoles support and cushion every step, while advanced All-Terrain rubber outsoles keep you moving. Gaiter ring hook. Imported.

KEEN Targhee III Mid Polar Boot - Men's

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