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67% OFF of fixed price Team West Now free shipping mens Cowboy Boots

Team West mens Cowboy Boots


Team West mens Cowboy Boots

Product description

Introducing the Team West / Texas Legacy Exotic Print Collection, a handcrafted Western Cowboy Boot built for comfort and durability. Along with an elegant stitched finish, this boot is a must have boot for any collection. This boot features tough stacked leather heels that are reinforced with solid brass nails to provide maximum traction and durability. Hand stitched 100% full leather mid soles and full leather lining provide extraordinary comfort and a stylish look. Cognac boot shafts come in different shades. Original images of your size can be provided upon request. Color accuracy of item will also vary depending on monitor and device. We go to great lengths to assure color accuracy.

Team West mens Cowboy Boots

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