Milano,GAGA,Strap,Genuine,GGM,Leather,Type,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Watch,Cassis,/comport1475033.html,$29,,Calf,for Cassis Ranking TOP12 Type GGM Genuine Calf Leather GAGA Milano Strap for Watch $29 Cassis Type GGM Genuine Calf Leather Watch Strap for GAGA Milano Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Cassis Ranking TOP12 Type GGM Genuine Calf Leather GAGA Milano Strap for Watch Milano,GAGA,Strap,Genuine,GGM,Leather,Type,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Watch,Cassis,/comport1475033.html,$29,,Calf,for $29 Cassis Type GGM Genuine Calf Leather Watch Strap for GAGA Milano Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Cassis Ranking New arrival TOP12 Type GGM Genuine Calf Leather GAGA Milano Strap for Watch

Cassis Type GGM Genuine Calf Leather Watch Strap for GAGA Milano


Cassis Type GGM Genuine Calf Leather Watch Strap for GAGA Milano

Product Description



Product Name: TYPE GGM

Color: Black/Brown/Red/Green/Red/Orange/Yellow/Pink

Lug Width: 20mm

Pin Buckle Width: 14mm

Length: For "Ladies Women" Sharp end 110mm / Buckle end 60mm

Thickness: 4.5mm

Material: High quality genuine calf (cow) leather with shiny alligator-like embossing for luxury look. Available in many colors.

Perfect for GaGa Milano watches or alikes.

Comes with: A manual and an easy to use spring bar removal tool




Perfect for GaGa Milano watches!

Why choose TYPE GGM??

High quality genuine shiny calf (cow) leather with alligator-like embossing.

A calf is under a year old and the grain of calf skin is finer than that of the adult animals and it is one of the highest quality leathers available in the market.

TYPE GGM uses such high quality leather as top material.

Lining: Water proof nubuck.

*Waterproof "LORICA" for White/Pearl White.

Available in Ladies size.

In 1995, Sincere, the CASSIS brand owner, was founded as a dealer of the finest watch related goods in Tokyo, Japan.

The founder pursued customers’ needs by visiting more than a thousand stores; from locally operated small shops to ultra-luxury stores on the main street of Tokyo.

In the course of doing so, the founder realized that there were not a wide variety of straps to choose from; people were looking for enjoyment on changing straps by seeking their favorite color, material and design.

The CASSIS brand was established in order to meet customers' needs at fullest.

Cassis Type GGM Genuine Calf Leather Watch Strap for GAGA Milano

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