$30 Vintage 1946 Men's Stretch Snappers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men demail.nl,$30,/corroborative1259091.html,Snappers,1946,Stretch,Men's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Vintage Deluxe Vintage 1946 Men's Stretch Snappers Deluxe Vintage 1946 Men's Stretch Snappers $30 Vintage 1946 Men's Stretch Snappers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men demail.nl,$30,/corroborative1259091.html,Snappers,1946,Stretch,Men's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Vintage

Deluxe Vintage 1946 Men's Stretch Snappers New product! New type

Vintage 1946 Men's Stretch Snappers


Vintage 1946 Men's Stretch Snappers

Product description

Elastic waist pull on short. Garment dyed stretch cotton. Functional button and zipper closure.

Cintura elástica con tirón en el corto. Ropa de algodón elástico teñido. Botón funcional y cierre de cremallera.

מכנסיים קצרים עם מותן אלסטי. בד כותנה נמתח צבוע. סגירת כפתור ורוכסן.

Elastischer Bund zum Hineinziehen. Garment Dyed Stretch Cotton Funktionaler Knopf und Reißverschluss

سروال قصير بخصر مطاطي. ملابس من القطن المطاطي المصبوغ. زر عملي وسحاب للإغلاق.

Short com cintura elástica. Peça tingida de algodão elástico. Botão funcional e fecho de zíper.

弹力束腰短裤设计。 成衣染色弹力棉。 功能纽扣和拉链封口。

彈性腰部拉短褲。 服裝染色彈力棉。 功能性鈕扣和拉鍊開合。

신축성 있는 허리 풀온 반바지. 의류 염색 스트레치 면. 기능적인 버튼과 지퍼 잠금.

Vintage 1946 Men's Stretch Snappers


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