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Coffee by Long-awaited the Pot Collection Luxury - Whole Decaf Bean

Coffee by the Pot Collection - Whole Bean, Decaf


Coffee by the Pot Collection - Whole Bean, Decaf

Product description

Style:Decaf, Whole Bean

If you can't decide what kind of coffee you feel like in the morning or you need a gourmet coffee gift for a special Coffee Junkie, look no further! All coffees are Organic, Naturally Flavored without sugar, calories or allergens.  Coffee Collections are available in Organic Swiss Water Decaf as well. Healthy Hydration! Coffee Junkie By the Pot Collection contains: 16 different Organic, Naturally Flavored and Unflavored Coffees. All are fresh roasted and either whole bean or ground for all brewing methods, one pot at a time. Also includes a Coffee Junkie Mason Mug and a cold brew pouch.  The collection is beautifully packaged in a reusable market bag. Ready for gifting or keeping for yourself!

Coffee by the Pot Collection - Whole Bean, Decaf

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