Plant,JIAM,Plant,3Pcs,Support,Cages,,Cages,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,/dee1043170.html,$24,Stake,Folding,Tomato JIAM Sale 3Pcs Tomato Cages Support Folding Plant Stake JIAM Sale 3Pcs Tomato Cages Support Folding Plant Stake $24 JIAM 3Pcs Tomato Cages Plant Cages, Folding Plant Support Stake Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care Plant,JIAM,Plant,3Pcs,Support,Cages,,Cages,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,/dee1043170.html,$24,Stake,Folding,Tomato $24 JIAM 3Pcs Tomato Cages Plant Cages, Folding Plant Support Stake Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care

JIAM Sale 3Pcs Tomato Cages Support Folding Plant Stake price

JIAM 3Pcs Tomato Cages Plant Cages, Folding Plant Support Stake


JIAM 3Pcs Tomato Cages Plant Cages, Folding Plant Support Stake

Product description

3Pcs Tomato Cages Plant Cages, Folding Plant Support Stake Tower, Plant Trellis, Garden Plant Climbing Trellis, Potted Plant Support for Ivy Roses Cucumbers Vines Flower Vegetable - Black


Material: Iron

Color: Black ( as the picture shown)

Size(approx.): Height: about 53 cm / 20.86 inch

width: about 20 cm / 7.87 inch


1. Easy to Install: Easy assemble fit to any backyard or garden. The rustproof iron frame with black powder coated finish lasts for years. Simply stake into the ground for fast and easy installation.Simply stake into the ground for fast and easy installation.

2. Sturdy and Decor: The plant arch black trellis is welded with thick wires and is an architectural structure that is durable and sturdy; the vertical flat section with aesthetic design adds a stylish and nature touch to your yard with the garden trellis extender,plant trellis outdoor,trellis for climbing plants,trellis for climbing roses,vine trellis small potted,black trellis for climbing plants.

3. Elegant Outdoor Essential: For climbing plants clematis black iron arbor garden trellis, large planting pot, garden trellis small flower pots working well with planters in patio edges and raised garden bed corners, decorative for potted climbing plants,tall trellis, details of leaves, stems, branches and birds flow in beautiful scrolls. it is the perfect decoration corridor for your courtyard, garden or outdoor.

4. Rustproof Material: The scroll trellis arch lattice outdoor decorative trellis is made of iron with rust proof black powder coated finish, which makes it could be used for both outdoor and indoor decoration to be clematis trellis,climbing plant trellis,climbing rose trellis,cucumber garden trellis,flower trellis,grapes trellis,iron trellis for climbing plants,metal garden trellis,plant trellis for pots,planters with trellis,planting pot with trellis,potted plant trellis,rose arbor trellis.

JIAM 3Pcs Tomato Cages Plant Cages, Folding Plant Support Stake

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