TuffRider Luxury goods Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches Regular $23 TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness TuffRider Luxury goods Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches Regular $23,Women's,demail.nl,(Regular),Knee,Ribb,Breeches,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,TuffRider,/dee924970.html,Patch $23 TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $23,Women's,demail.nl,(Regular),Knee,Ribb,Breeches,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,TuffRider,/dee924970.html,Patch

TuffRider Luxury goods Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches Las Vegas Mall Regular

TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular)


TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular)

Product description

This front zip knee patch breech offers you easy care and features a hook and eye closure, belt loops, a slash zip pocket, hook and loop ankle closures and our patented UltraGripp knee patch, which prevents bunching while you ride. The ribbed fabric is durable, minimizes pilling and ensures a perfect, flattering fit.

TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular)

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