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Traditional Virginia Beach Mall Japanese Porcelain Mesa Mall Rice Bowls - in Made Japan Ou 10

Traditional Japanese Porcelain Rice Bowls - Made in Japan, 10 Ou


Traditional Japanese Porcelain Rice Bowls - Made in Japan, 10 Ou

Product description

Traditional Japanese charm

Japanese porcelain (磁器) is renowned for its many fine attributes: the high-fired kaolin clays result in elegant and exceptionally sturdy porcelain. Even when unglazed, the wares don't absorb water, making them pristinely suited for tableware. At Goophy Goods, we’ve taken great care in bringing you these fine porcelain crafts from the artisans in Japan, who are still making quality porcelain from a time-honored era.

Beautiful and highly functional

✔️ The Tsuki comes in a beautiful matching pair. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
✔️ The size and shape make these porcelain bowls perfect for serving rice, and other delicacies.
✔️ Impress your guests with a truly elegant dining experience. The strikingly authentic Japanese design will breathe life to any dinner table.
✔️ Perfect for gifting: the set of bowls comes in giftable packaging.

Limited quantities available!

Traditional Japanese Porcelain Rice Bowls - Made in Japan, 10 Ou

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