$66 Camera Outdoor, Security Dome Camera, Ultra-Clear WiFi IP Camera Electronics Camera Photo Animer and price revision Camera Outdoor Security Dome Ultra-Clear WiFi IP Security,Dome,Ultra-Clear,Camera,/deflagrator1475122.html,IP,WiFi,demail.nl,Camera,,Electronics , Camera Photo,$66,Outdoor,,Camera Security,Dome,Ultra-Clear,Camera,/deflagrator1475122.html,IP,WiFi,demail.nl,Camera,,Electronics , Camera Photo,$66,Outdoor,,Camera Animer and price revision Camera Outdoor Security Dome Ultra-Clear WiFi IP $66 Camera Outdoor, Security Dome Camera, Ultra-Clear WiFi IP Camera Electronics Camera Photo

Animer and price revision Camera Outdoor Security Dome Ranking TOP17 Ultra-Clear WiFi IP

Camera Outdoor, Security Dome Camera, Ultra-Clear WiFi IP Camera


Camera Outdoor, Security Dome Camera, Ultra-Clear WiFi IP Camera

Product Description

5MP PTZ Camera Outdoor

EDSACE high-speed wifi wireless camera is equipped with multiple key functions, such as 200FT night vision, motion detection, two-way audio and support for 128GB SD card slot (32G SD card is configured). By linking the mobile app, you can receive notifications wherever the camera detects motion. You will never have to miss any moment again, and you can also use the PTZ (360° horizontal, 90° tilt, 5x zoom) function to view all the details of the yard.

Camera Outdoor, Security Dome Camera, Ultra-Clear WiFi IP Camera

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