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Men's One Button Notch Brand new Lapel Blazer Max 46% OFF Party Jacket Prom Jac Tuxedo

Men's One Button Notch Lapel Blazer Tuxedo Jacket Prom Party Jac


Men's One Button Notch Lapel Blazer Tuxedo Jacket Prom Party Jac

Product description

Please note that buttons might be not same as the model picture,hope you do not mind.

please choose the size refer to the below measurements details.All the measurements are in inches.

Size:34"Chest/28"Waist----Chest34"---Waist28"---Shoulder17.75"---Height 5'6"-5'9"

Size:36"Chest/30"Waist----Chest36"---Waist30"---Shoulder18.25"---Height 5'6"-5'9"

Size:38"Chest/32"Waist----Chest38"---Waist32"---Shoulder18.75"---Height 5'8"-5'11"

Size:40"Chest/34"Waist----Chest40"---Waist34"---Shoulder19.25"---Height 5'8"-5'11"

Size:42"Chest/36"Waist----Chest42"---Waist36"---Shoulder19.75"---Height 5'10"-6'1"

Size:44"Chest/38"Waist----Chest44"---Waist38"---Shoulder20.25"---Height 5'10"-6'1"

Size:46"Chest/40"Waist----Chest46"---Waist40"---Shoulder20.75"---Height 6'-6'3"

Size:48"Chest/42"Waist----Chest48"---Waist42"---Shoulder21.25"---Height 6'-6'3"

Size:50"Chest/44"Waist----Chest50"---Waist44"---Shoulder21.75"---Height 6'1"-6'5"

Size:52"Chest/46"Waist----Chest52"---Waist46"---Shoulder22.25"---Height 6'1"-6'5"

Tips:there will be 0.5-1 inch difference on the size due to the manual measurements,hope you can understand.

Our Jackets can also be custom made,Please feel free to contact us if any questions.

Men's One Button Notch Lapel Blazer Tuxedo Jacket Prom Party Jac

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