$23 Adult Puzzle Classic Jigsaw Puzzle 1500 Pieces DIY Snow Leopard Toys Games Puzzles Pieces,Puzzle,Adult,Classic,Toys Games , Puzzles,/forfare1097546.html,Jigsaw,Leopard,1500,demail.nl,DIY,Snow,Puzzle,$23 Adult New mail order Puzzle Classic Jigsaw 1500 Pieces DIY Leopard Snow $23 Adult Puzzle Classic Jigsaw Puzzle 1500 Pieces DIY Snow Leopard Toys Games Puzzles Adult New mail order Puzzle Classic Jigsaw 1500 Pieces DIY Leopard Snow Pieces,Puzzle,Adult,Classic,Toys Games , Puzzles,/forfare1097546.html,Jigsaw,Leopard,1500,demail.nl,DIY,Snow,Puzzle,$23

Adult New mail It is very popular order Puzzle Classic Jigsaw 1500 Pieces DIY Leopard Snow

Adult Puzzle Classic Jigsaw Puzzle 1500 Pieces DIY Snow Leopard


Adult Puzzle Classic Jigsaw Puzzle 1500 Pieces DIY Snow Leopard

Product description

Product Name: Wooden Puzzle 1500 Pieces for Adult Children
Dimension: 87.5 x 57.5 cm
Thickness: 2.23 mm (approximately)
Material: Natural Wooden
Number of Pieces : 1500 pieces

★Our products support personal customization, you can provide us with your pictures to satisfy your DIY design ideas.
★Great Learning amp; Educational Toy: Kids could learn exercise space thinking ability when they are playing. Jigsaw could help to improve their hand-eye coordination and enhance the ability to distinguish shapes and colors.
★Environmental-friendly Material: Made of high quality natural wooden, with linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image.
★Interactive Play: You could fix the puzzle with your little ones together to promote the awareness and communication between you. Kids also could play with their playmates to bond a close relationship.
★A unique gift and decorations: Whether you are celebrating birthday or a anniversaries , you can choose our puzzle as an economical, practical and unique handmade creative gift or decorations.
★Product Guarantee Policy: Please feel free to contact us if there is any question about the product you purchased from our store, we will fix your issue within 24 hours.

◎Our puzzle pieces are printed with A-H 8 letters on the back to complete the puzzle faster. Meanwhile, we will give away the partitions board to be installed by yourselves, which is convenient for distinguishing between different letter puzzle pieces.

Attention! Not suitable for children under 36 months of age due to small parts. Choking hazard.

Adult Puzzle Classic Jigsaw Puzzle 1500 Pieces DIY Snow Leopard

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