ALi Queen Brazilian Virgin Hair Short Wi Wigs Manufacturer regenerated product Human Bob Raw ALi Queen Brazilian Virgin Hair Short Wi Wigs Manufacturer regenerated product Human Bob Raw ALi,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Human,Raw,Hair,Bob,Wi,Wigs,,Short,/forfare1401846.html,Virgin,Queen,Brazilian,$87,Hair ALi,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Human,Raw,Hair,Bob,Wi,Wigs,,Short,/forfare1401846.html,Virgin,Queen,Brazilian,$87,Hair $87 ALi Queen Brazilian Virgin Hair Short Bob Wigs Raw Human Hair Wi Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $87 ALi Queen Brazilian Virgin Hair Short Bob Wigs Raw Human Hair Wi Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

SALENEW very popular! ALi Queen Brazilian Virgin Hair Short Wi Wigs Manufacturer regenerated product Human Bob Raw

ALi Queen Brazilian Virgin Hair Short Bob Wigs Raw Human Hair Wi


ALi Queen Brazilian Virgin Hair Short Bob Wigs Raw Human Hair Wi

Product Description

short curly wigs

Technical Specifications

Hair Style: Natural Wave
Hair Length: 8-14inches
Wig Weight: 150-200g/wig
Color: Natural Black #1B
Density: 150%
Lace Front Size: 13 x 6 inches
Cap Size: Average Size(Head circumference about 22.5 inches)
Hair Quality: 100% virgin hair, can be dyed and curled
can be restyle

Can The Hair Dyed Or Bleached?

Yes, for sure it can be dyed, curled, straightened, iron flatted, and bleached as your own style. (PS: Pls don't exceed 150 C, or the hair will be destroyed.)

How to brush my hair?

Use a wide-tooth comb gently brush your hair. curly hair please smooth the hair by hand. Do not brush the hair from the root to the tip, starting from the ends, comb it through and then from the middle, then finally goes from the top.

How to wash my hair?

Hair can get tangled because it's too dry and gathering too much of dust and other stuff, at this time remember not to wash it with shampoo, because that's gonna make it even worse. Wash it with clear warm water and deep condition it for a while, it will get better and better!

How to avoid tangle and shedding?

- Comb the wig in wet or roughly or comb it from root to tip first.

- Wash and care using a little mild shampoo and conditioner in warm water.

- Air-dry or in low-temperature blow hair, when the hair half dry, then add some hair care essential oil, then go on, it will be better.

- Do not sleep with the wig wear on.

ALi Queen Brazilian Virgin Hair Short Bob Wigs Raw Human Hair Wi

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