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Newdeve Gold Lace Applique Short Homecoming Dresses Lace Edge Ya


Newdeve Gold Lace Applique Short Homecoming Dresses Lace Edge Ya

Product description

Welcome to our shop Newdeve, one of the online retailers producing prom dresses, evening dresses, homecoming dresses, bridesmaid dresses and cocktail gowns.
Fit for Graduation, Formal, Prom, Party, Special occasions, Homecoming junior dresses
Customers can choose their favorite dresses with high quality and affordable price.

Our company have professional tailors to make the dress, suits and so on. We already have a history of 10 years of professional production of wedding products, including various dresses, they are our main marketing products.
To make the dress more suitable for you, Please provide the following measurements to us. You can refer to the measure pic and our size chart

1.shoulder to shoulder=___________inches
7.shoulder to floor=______________inches
8.height(without shoes)________inches
9.shoes height=__________inches
10.arm length=___________inches

If you have your favorite suits, dress or any clothes, you can send me the pictures, we can custom made for you with good quality and the more than 95% are the same as the picture!

Because of the chromatic aberration with each computer or mobile phone screen, the color of our products might not be exactly same with the photos you see.

Because the dress is hand-made, there might be a little difference between the product pictures and the product you receive.

Newdeve Gold Lace Applique Short Homecoming Dresses Lace Edge Ya

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