16" X-Large African Basket- Mugusa Sisa Ranking TOP9 Basket Woven Bowl Rwanda $75 16" X-Large African Basket- Mugusa/Rwanda Basket/Woven Bowl/Sisa Handmade Products Home Kitchen Bowl/Sisa,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,16",Mugusa/Rwanda,demail.nl,Basket/Woven,X-Large,$75,/hastings1043290.html,Basket-,African 16" X-Large African Basket- Mugusa Sisa Ranking TOP9 Basket Woven Bowl Rwanda $75 16" X-Large African Basket- Mugusa/Rwanda Basket/Woven Bowl/Sisa Handmade Products Home Kitchen Bowl/Sisa,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,16",Mugusa/Rwanda,demail.nl,Basket/Woven,X-Large,$75,/hastings1043290.html,Basket-,African


16" X-Large African Basket- Mugusa/Rwanda Basket/Woven Bowl/Sisa


16" X-Large African Basket- Mugusa/Rwanda Basket/Woven Bowl/Sisa

This sisal, woven basket is approximately 16" in diameter and handmade by our artisans in Gitarama, Rwanda. The women grow their own sisal plants, extract the fibers, then hand-dye and weave them into these beautiful works of art. The sisal is woven around sweetgrass, a fragrant grass with a subtle sweetness. Each sisal Rwandan basket comes with a string attached to the back so that you can hang it on the wall. In addition to making a beautiful table display, these baskets can also be hung as art. You can combine them with other baskets or works of art to make a feature wall collage.
By purchasing this basket, you are providing a source of income for women weavers in Rwanda, which in turn helps them to raise healthy families, improve their living conditions, and better their community.
Colors: Tan, Black
Diameter: ~16"

16" X-Large African Basket- Mugusa/Rwanda Basket/Woven Bowl/Sisa

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