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A+ Childsupply At the price of surprise Birch Austin Mall Chair 8

A+ Childsupply Birch Chair 8"H


A+ Childsupply Birch Chair 8"H

Product description

Product Description

The a+ child supply birch chair is light, sturdy, made to premium perfection. It can be easily stacked in seat to seat Configuration and polished as smooth as butter for children safety. These chairs can be used in any setting, whether home, school, or work places. There is a built-in handle for easy carrying and portability. Due to its construction, it has a long life and comes already assembled and ready to use out of the box. It has 8”, 10”, 12”, heights for toddlers to young children.

From the Manufacturer

Made of strong and durable solid birch wood. Seat height 8"H. Rounded edges with natural wood color. Moisture and stain resistant.

A+ Childsupply Birch Chair 8"H

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