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2021 autumn and winter new Gardena gift 3650 Combisystem Gutter Head Cleaner

Gardena 3650 Combisystem Gutter Cleaner Head


Gardena 3650 Combisystem Gutter Cleaner Head

Product description

From the Manufacturer

Gardena's aim is to provide a simple and convenient solution to all of your watering, soil and lawn care problems. We manufacture reliable, quality gardening equipment to make light work of your gardening tasks, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden. Our commitment to bring you reliable gardening equipment doesn't stop when you buy your Gardena product from your local garden center. We offer a minimum 12 month parts and labor warranty on all our products so in the unlikely event that your Gardena product develops a fault, we will repair or replace the item free of charge. If your product is older than 12 months we have a national repair service which will give you a free estimate for parts and labor to repair your product.

Gardena 3650 Combisystem Gutter Cleaner Head

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