$44 SKAVIJ Napkin Rings Set of 50 for Dinner Parties, Dining Table D Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $44 SKAVIJ Napkin Rings Set of 50 for Dinner Parties, Dining Table D Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining SKAVIJ Napkin Rings Set of 50 Dinner Dining for D Table Parties overseas SKAVIJ Napkin Rings Set of 50 Dinner Dining for D Table Parties overseas Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$44,/houseboat990514.html,D,demail.nl,Set,for,Parties,,50,Dining,of,SKAVIJ,Table,Napkin,Rings,Dinner Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$44,/houseboat990514.html,D,demail.nl,Set,for,Parties,,50,Dining,of,SKAVIJ,Table,Napkin,Rings,Dinner

SKAVIJ Napkin Rings Import Set of 50 Dinner Dining for D Table Parties overseas

SKAVIJ Napkin Rings Set of 50 for Dinner Parties, Dining Table D


SKAVIJ Napkin Rings Set of 50 for Dinner Parties, Dining Table D

Product Description

Napkin rings are the perfect finishing touch to your table setting. Our large variety of napkin rings allows you to transform your table for any season or occasion. SKAVIJ napkin rings are available in sets of 4, 6, 12, 50 or 100, so whether you’re setting a table for a small bridal shower, or a large Holiday dinner party, or wedding you can order the amount you need. A variety of finishes and colors are available to coordinate with your dining table setting.


  • Material: High quality alloy polished in gold and silver color
  • Color: Available in 2 color gold and silver
  • Size: Each napkin ring has 1.5-inches diameter and 1 inch in height.
  • Package Quantity: Available in pack of 6, 12, 50 and 100.
  • Season: Spring / summer / autumn / winter.
  • Suitable for: Wedding, anniversary, birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas and much more occasion.
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Mesh Napkin Ring See Full Detail Beaded Napkin Ring See Full Detail Floral Napkin Ring See Full Detail Glass Napkin Ring See Full Detail Antique Napkin Ring See Full Detail Metal Napkin Ring See Full Detail

SKAVIJ Napkin Rings Set of 50 for Dinner Parties, Dining Table D


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