Inspire We OFFer at cheap prices Q Maybelle Velvet Cushion Storage Bench by Shutter Door Bench,Velvet,Q,Cushion,by,,Storage,$267,Maybelle,Shutter,Inspire,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/impunctate1043034.html,Door Bench,Velvet,Q,Cushion,by,,Storage,$267,Maybelle,Shutter,Inspire,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/impunctate1043034.html,Door $267 Inspire Q Maybelle Velvet Cushion Shutter Door Storage Bench by Home Kitchen Furniture Inspire We OFFer at cheap prices Q Maybelle Velvet Cushion Storage Bench by Shutter Door $267 Inspire Q Maybelle Velvet Cushion Shutter Door Storage Bench by Home Kitchen Furniture

Inspire We OFFer at cheap prices Q Maybelle Velvet Cushion Storage Bench Brand new by Shutter Door

Inspire Q Maybelle Velvet Cushion Shutter Door Storage Bench by


Inspire Q Maybelle Velvet Cushion Shutter Door Storage Bench by

Product description

Color:White / Painted

Add style and functionality to your home with the Maybelle shutter door storage bench from iNSPIRE Q Classic. Traditional elements like shutter doors and bun feet create a classic and timeless look, while the cushioned seat offers comfort and convenience. Keep your living space clutter free by storing books, blankets, games, and many other items out of sight within the bench's spacious storage compartment. Available in several finishes, so you can choose the prefect hue to match your existing or preferred color scheme.Features:Set includes one (1) bench with one (1) cushionWood with MDF, velvet, and foam constructionBeige velvet cushionFinish options: espresso, gray, charcoal black, white, yellowTwo (2) interior compartmentsShutter detail on front and sidesDimensions:Cushion thickness: 1.5 inchesClearance under bench: 3.9 inchesInterior compartment dimensions: 20.6 inches wide x 14.8 inches deep x 14.1 inches highOverall dimensions: 47.5 inches wide x 18 inches deep x 21.6 inches highProduct ships in one (1) box. Assembly required - see below for instructionsExquisite and inviting, iQ Classic encompasses traditional and transitional designs. Taking cues from time-honored craftsmanship, these pieces simultaneously draw from tried and true roots and contemporary elements. With a breadth of styles to choose from, transform your home into a welcoming haven with iQ Classic. At iNSPIRE Q, our designer-curated lifestyles reflect current trends and timeless essentials, giving you the know-how to achieve your vision. With diverse style inspirations to choose from, you'll be able to find the one that speaks to you - or mix and match across collections for a style thats all your own.Whether you're cool and contemporary, retro, free-spirited, vintage, or classic iNSPIRE Q is here to help you achieve the home of your dreams, every step of the way. to explore the six style inspirations: iQ Bold, iQ Modern, iQ Classic, iQ Artisan, iQ Junior, and iQ Oasis.

Inspire Q Maybelle Velvet Cushion Shutter Door Storage Bench by

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