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Gardenuity Great interest Ceramic Flower Pots Brand Cheap Sale Venue and Garden - Planters Orange Indo

Gardenuity Ceramic Flower Pots and Garden Planters - Orange Indo


Gardenuity Ceramic Flower Pots and Garden Planters - Orange Indo

Product description


These Tangerine Planters are ceramic originals created exclusively for us. Orange is our favorite color, and we use it everywhere to help create a fresh, timeless accent. These artfully cast planters are glazed in Gardenuity orange and can be used inside or out. The color brings a pop of design to a bookshelf, tablescape, or outdoor patio. Keep fresh herbs at your fingertips in the kitchen, decorate your dining room with a succulent bouquet, or use the planters for seasonal specials throughout the year. The planters are designed with a drainage hole, and each planter comes with a saucer.

Gardenuity Ceramic Flower Pots and Garden Planters - Orange Indo

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