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NEW REDESIGNED Sale Special Price Dual SL2 X Sunglasses Reading Bifocal designed fo Luxury

NEW REDESIGNED Dual SL2 X Bifocal Reading Sunglasses designed fo


NEW REDESIGNED Dual SL2 X Bifocal Reading Sunglasses designed fo

Product Description

The History of Dual Eyewear

Dual Eyewear was established in 2011; out of necessity. The founder, long time cycling industry businessman Louis Viggio, an active cyclist himself, had just finished a project and was contemplating his next business venture. To make his cycling more enjoyable, he bought the latest and most sophisticated cycling computer unit available. Using his reader glasses, he set up the computer at home the night before a ride. Excited by his new gadget, he mounted his bicycle early the next morning only to discover that the data being displayed on his new 450.00 device was all blurry.

His frustration led him on a search for a solution to his problem, farsightedness. Other than having expensive (400.00 +) prescription lenses made for his cycling sunglasses, there was nothing readily available. There were progressive lenses and bifocal glasses in the market, but they were designed to read the newspaper sitting on a couch, not descend mountains on skinny tires at high speeds. Viggio went to work.

After a year of testing products, Dual Eyewear was created and a new category of eyewear was born - technical bifocal sunglasses for active outdoors people. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado, Dual has now established itself as the leading eyewear company for specialized bifocal eyewear.

Why Choose Dual Eyewear

dual sl2 bifocal sports sunglasses

There are many offerings of bifocal sunglasses out there, but not all sunglasses are made the same.

​Dual uses the best frame materials available to the eyewear industry. Our sports frames feature Grilamid TR 90 (Nylon 12). This material is featured only in high-end brands because of the cost. Grilamid TR 90 does not lose its shape over time, it is impact, chemical, and UV damage resistant. The material's flexibility ensures a comfortable fit during prolonged wear.

Our high-end Polycarbonate lenses, as opposed to cheap plastic lenses, are made to the highest optical standards. They are 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses, and offer outstanding optical clarity and light transmission at a lighter weight.

All of our lenses feature molded-in Optimized Magnification Zones (OMZ) strategically placed based on the activity a particular style has been designed for. This placement assures the avoidance of distortion and fatigue.

What Viewing Power is Best for Me?

To select a viewing power, consider how you will be using your Dual Eyewear. If you are a pilot, motorcycle rider, or driver looking for a clear read of instruments, you might want to consider a magnification that is a bit weaker than what you would normally use to read a book because of the added distance to the subject.

For example, if you use 2.0 readers at home or at the office, try a 1.5. This drop in strength will not hinder your ability to focus on small text items like your cell phone or a menu at a restaurant.

bifocal sunglasses

Whatever your outdoor passion is, we have you covered. Our eyewear will improve your enjoyment of many activities by enhancing your vision and freeing you from having to carry a pair of readers.

We are a Boulder, Colorado base company commited to the quality and reliability of our products.

Our eyewear has been field-tested by professionals that demand performance and reliability.

NEW REDESIGNED Dual SL2 X Bifocal Reading Sunglasses designed fo

Our leading research

We make a global impact through excellence in research and innovation. Explore our latest research that is helping to shape a better world.

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