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Year-end annual account Memphis Mall Sun Lorence Women'sMen's Windproof Jack Hiking Fleece Softshell

Sun Lorence Women'sMen's Windproof Softshell Fleece Hiking Jack


Sun Lorence Women'sMen's Windproof Softshell Fleece Hiking Jack

Product description

Sun Lorence Outdoor Couple's Windproof Waterproof Insulated Fleece Mountain Jacket

Product Features:
Type: Men and Women Mountain Jacket
Shell: 100% Polyester
Lining: Soft amp; Comfortable Fleece Lining
Pattern Type: Camouflage
Waterproof: water-repellent technology offers good water-resistant performance
Windproof: Full-length zipper closure, warm fleece lined, exquisite turtle neck collar and sealed cuffs effectively help block out wind and coldness
Closure: Full front zip-up closure
Functions: Waterproof, Windproof, Quick Dry, Durable, Warm, Multi-pockets, Breathable
Occasions: Camping, Climbing, Skiing, Skating, Hiking and other outdoor activities, an essential outdoor sports equipment for couples.

Size Information:

Size XS(Label L): Chest 43.30inches/Length 27.55inches/Hem Width 40.94inches/Sleeve 24.01inches
Size S(Label XL): Chest 44.88inches/Length 28.34inches/Hem Width 42.51inches/Sleeve 24.60inches
Size M(Label 2XL): Chest 46.45inches/Length 29.13inches/Hem Width 44.09inches/Sleeve 25.19inches
Size L(Label 3XL): Chest 48.03inches/Length 29.92inches/Hem Width 45.66inches/Sleeve 25.19inches
Size XL(Label 4XL): Chest 49.60inches/Length 30.70inches/Hem Width 47.24inches/Sleeve 26.18inches
Size XXL(Label 5XL): Chest 51.18inches/Length 31.49inches/Hem Width 48.81inches/Sleeve 26.96inches

Size XXS(Label M): Chest 36.22inches/Length 24.40inches/Hem Width 38.58inches/Sleeve 22.63inches
Size XS(Label L): Chest 37.79inches/Length 25.19inches/Hem Width 40.15inches/Sleeve 23.22inches
Size S(Label XL): Chest 39.37inches/Length 25.98inches/Hem Width 41.73inches/Sleeve 23.81inches
Size M(Label 2XL): Chest 40.94inches/Length 26.77inches/Hem Width 43.30inches/Sleeve 24.40inches
Size L(Label 3XL): Chest 42.51inches/Length 27.55inches/Hem Width 44.88inches/Sleeve 25.00inches

Sun Lorence Women'sMen's Windproof Softshell Fleece Hiking Jack

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