Autotape,/intrinse1569471.html,ATM100,Decker,and,Black,Auto,,Powered,Measure,Tools Home Improvement , Measuring Layout Tools,$84,Tape,Tape Black and Decker ATM100 Autotape online shop Auto Powered Measure Tape $84 Black and Decker ATM100 Autotape Auto Tape Measure Powered Tape Tools Home Improvement Measuring Layout Tools $84 Black and Decker ATM100 Autotape Auto Tape Measure Powered Tape Tools Home Improvement Measuring Layout Tools Autotape,/intrinse1569471.html,ATM100,Decker,and,Black,Auto,,Powered,Measure,Tools Home Improvement , Measuring Layout Tools,$84,Tape,Tape Black and Decker ATM100 Autotape online shop Auto Powered Measure Tape

Black and Decker ATM100 Autotape online shop Auto Powered Ranking TOP2 Measure Tape

Black and Decker ATM100 Autotape Auto Tape Measure Powered Tape


Black and Decker ATM100 Autotape Auto Tape Measure Powered Tape

Product description

Sold as 3 UNITS at $17.97 per unit. (1 unit = each.) 25'. Extend and retract with the push of a button. One-handed operation for ease of use. Blade stand-out over 7' (distance before blade bends). Great for vertical measurements. Operates on 4 "AAA" batteries and provides over 100 uses per set of batteries. Overmold grips and contoured design for comfort and control. Blister pack. Manufacturer number: ATM100. SKU #: 2102317. Country of origin: China. Distributed by Black amp; Decker.

Black and Decker ATM100 Autotape Auto Tape Measure Powered Tape

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