-,Suspension,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Style,6,with,$35,Hard,Hydrographic,Blue,/intrinse1569671.html,Cap,demail.nl,Point,Hats $35 Hydrographic Cap Style Hard Hats with 6 Point Suspension - Blue Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Hydrographic Cap Style Hard Hats with Point - Blue OFFicial mail order Suspension 6 -,Suspension,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Style,6,with,$35,Hard,Hydrographic,Blue,/intrinse1569671.html,Cap,demail.nl,Point,Hats Hydrographic Cap Style Hard Hats with Point - Blue OFFicial mail order Suspension 6 $35 Hydrographic Cap Style Hard Hats with 6 Point Suspension - Blue Tools Home Improvement Safety Security

Hydrographic Cap Style Hard Hats with Point - Blue 1 year warranty OFFicial mail order Suspension 6

Hydrographic Cap Style Hard Hats with 6 Point Suspension - Blue


Hydrographic Cap Style Hard Hats with 6 Point Suspension - Blue

Product description

Color:Blue Denim

Texas America Safety Company is offering a full line of these unique and stylish hydro dipped hard hats. This category of hard hats contains out full line of Creative Theme Patterns. Each design offers a bright and vivid image with a high gloss finish. Why not work in style? We take a new Class 1 Class C, E and G hard hat and each hat is prepared and dipped one at a time. Therefore, each hard hat is unique and has slight differences in the placement of the pattern. We can generally produce the hats in 1-2 days. Currently we are using a Pyramex Cap Style with 6 point suspension for the hard hat shell. The hard hat comes with an adjustable 6 point ratchet suspension that fits head sizes 6.5 to a size 8.

Hydrographic Cap Style Hard Hats with 6 Point Suspension - Blue

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