Premium Hypoallergenic Phoenix Mall Natural Long Taupe She Icelandic Hair Icelandic,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,(Taupe),/order-old-english-coins,,Long,$45,Hypoallergenic,,She,Hair,Natural,Premium, $45 Premium, Hypoallergenic, Natural Long Hair (Taupe) Icelandic She Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Icelandic,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,(Taupe),/order-old-english-coins,,Long,$45,Hypoallergenic,,She,Hair,Natural,Premium, Premium Hypoallergenic Phoenix Mall Natural Long Taupe She Icelandic Hair $45 Premium, Hypoallergenic, Natural Long Hair (Taupe) Icelandic She Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Premium Hypoallergenic Phoenix Mall Natural Long Taupe She Attention brand Icelandic Hair

Premium, Hypoallergenic, Natural Long Hair (Taupe) Icelandic She


Premium, Hypoallergenic, Natural Long Hair (Taupe) Icelandic She

Product description


  • Larger than 2 * 3 feet Beautiful Blacky Rusty natural sheepskin rug! that's right! larger than the other sheepskin rugs out there.
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic and biodegradable
  • Premium Grade - Shaggy exquisitely plush fur, 2” premium pile
  • Durable Leather underside
  • Pure Icelandic Sheep Skin - can be used as a nursery rug, area rug, crib sheets, fur throw, covers, and seat pads
  • Soothes, comforts and can be used to avoid bed sores
  • For best visual impact, use our Sheepskin Rug over dark hardwood floors, which contrast with color and texture
  • With its natural ivory color, this eye-catching rug provides a distinct accent to your existing decor.

    Premium, Hypoallergenic, Natural Long Hair (Taupe) Icelandic She

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