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Limited time sale Hoolees's Classic LED Flameless Candles Wireless Japan's largest assortment Christmas Tree

Hoolees's Classic LED Flameless Christmas Tree Candles, Wireless


Hoolees's Classic LED Flameless Christmas Tree Candles, Wireless

Product description

Size:10Pcs Ivory

●What's Included? ●

- 10PCS of candles with 10 clips;
- 1*Remote control;
- All products in one color box;
Battery is not included.


Candle / Remote control:
1. Operating voltage: 1.5V*1*AAA / 1.5V*2*AAA
2. Working current: the largest 9mA / the largest 6.5mA
3. Standby current:1.6UA / 15UA
4. Working time:gt;150 hours /360 days [Depends on battery life]
5. Standby time:gt;100 days / 5~7M distance

●Specifications ●

* Candle:
-Candle material: High Quality ABS, environment-friendly material
-Candle base color: Ivory
-Candle shell: white shell with drops
-Candle size: H10.5CM*1.4CM/4.13*0.57Inch
-Candle head: Crystal
-Power Source: 1*AAA (LR03) battery
-Light Source: LED light, white
-Light model: continuous lighting and flickering
-Clamp and Base: Dark Green, Removable, can adjust the candle base's direction and angle flexible

*Remote Control:
-With two button "ON" and "OFF" , and remote indicator light;
-Power source from 2*AAA(LR03) batteries;
-Infrared remote control;
-Used for an unlimited number of candles;
-Best using distance is about 5~8 meter;
-Usage: The candle lights have 2 different light modifications by pressing the "ON"-button:
--1*press "ON" button=Switch ON/Constant light;
--Hold the ON button for 3 seconds=flickering;

*Certification: TUV, CE, RoHS, FC, GS


Suitable for Hotels, bars, home decoration, churches, temples, Christmas Day, birthday parties, on the beach, on the grass, room decoration, etc.


If you are not using candle lights for a long time, please screwed out the crystal light bulb and remove the battery to save battery life.

Hoolees's Classic LED Flameless Christmas Tree Candles, Wireless

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