/alienee1027087.html,$25,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,(Two,demail.nl,Run,Set,Plastic,,Orange,of,Peeler,,Pack),Fox,2 Fox Run Orange Peeler Plastic Two 2 Pack Set of Direct store $25 Fox Run Orange Peeler, Plastic, Set of 2 (Two Pack) Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $25 Fox Run Orange Peeler, Plastic, Set of 2 (Two Pack) Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fox Run Orange Peeler Plastic Two 2 Pack Set of Direct store /alienee1027087.html,$25,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,(Two,demail.nl,Run,Set,Plastic,,Orange,of,Peeler,,Pack),Fox,2

Max 84% OFF Fox Run Orange Peeler Plastic Two 2 Pack Set of Direct store

Fox Run Orange Peeler, Plastic, Set of 2 (Two Pack)


Fox Run Orange Peeler, Plastic, Set of 2 (Two Pack)

Product description

Size:Two Pack

Want an easier and quicker way to get to all that sweet, tangy goodness? This little gadget makes peeling oranges easy! Its all plastic construction makes it durable and safe for kids to use, and its small and lightweight design makes it super convenient to store. To use, simply place finger in holder, place cutter into orange, and pull down to slice into peeling. And just like that, you can easily remove the outer peeling, without using your fingernails! This set of two peelers are perfect for orange lovers everywhere. Less struggle, more enjoying!

Fox Run Orange Peeler, Plastic, Set of 2 (Two Pack)

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