Signal Vision SV-03 Low price 5 8in to Test AC F Passing - Probe Signal Vision SV-03 Low price 5 8in to Test AC F Passing - Probe Vision,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,5/8in,SV-03,$46,to,F,Probe,AC,,/associability1027402.html,Passing,-,Signal,Test $46 Signal Vision SV-03 5/8in to F Test Probe - AC Passing Tools Home Improvement Electrical $46 Signal Vision SV-03 5/8in to F Test Probe - AC Passing Tools Home Improvement Electrical Vision,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,5/8in,SV-03,$46,to,F,Probe,AC,,/associability1027402.html,Passing,-,Signal,Test

Signal Vision SV-03 Low Limited time sale price 5 8in to Test AC F Passing - Probe

Signal Vision SV-03 5/8in to F Test Probe - AC Passing


Signal Vision SV-03 5/8in to F Test Probe - AC Passing

Product description

Manufacturer Part Number: SV-03Signal Visions SV-03 is designed for technicians working on Taps, Line Extenders, Directional Couplers, Splitters, or any other component that uses 5/8" entry ports. With the SV-03 Test Probe adapter, you can quickly and easily measure a reading directly from the component! This unit passes AC voltage so it is recommended it only be used with Signal Meters that are capable of reading AC Voltage. The SV-03 unit is also great for use when bypassing a Tap for replacement or testing. Tech Tool Supply offers the SV-03-KIT which comes equipped with everything you need to bypass a Tap! Features: All brass construction Spring loaded, Teflon protected tip ensures accurate and safe measurements Fits 5/8" entry ports AC Passive Specifications: Insertion Loss: 2. 5 dB maximum Return Loss: 18 dB minimum A. C. Thru Resistance: Minimal A. C. Current Capacity: 7 amps @ 90VAC for 15 min. Shield Effectiveness: - 100 dB min. Hum Modulation: - 65 dB @ 5 MHz, 6 amps

Signal Vision SV-03 5/8in to F Test Probe - AC Passing

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