Lunch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/cantref1027103.html,I,$25,Sushi,Women,for,Bag,,Cooler,Bag,Bag,Tote,Pattern,Japanese $25 Japanese Sushi Pattern Lunch Bag Tote Bag Cooler Bag for Women I Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Japanese Sushi Pattern Lunch Bag I Cooler Large discharge sale for Women Tote $25 Japanese Sushi Pattern Lunch Bag Tote Bag Cooler Bag for Women I Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Lunch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/cantref1027103.html,I,$25,Sushi,Women,for,Bag,,Cooler,Bag,Bag,Tote,Pattern,Japanese Japanese Sushi Pattern Lunch Bag I Cooler Large discharge sale for Women Tote

Japanese Sushi Pattern Cheap mail order specialty store Lunch Bag I Cooler Large discharge sale for Women Tote

Japanese Sushi Pattern Lunch Bag Tote Bag Cooler Bag for Women I


Japanese Sushi Pattern Lunch Bag Tote Bag Cooler Bag for Women I

Product description

Color:Japanese Sushi Pattern

Portable Insulated Lunch Bag

Are you looking for a top quality,super comfortable portable insulated lunch bag to bring your life with more convenience and happiness.

Our design portable insulated lunch bag is well workmanship made that last for many season.

High quality materials:

The lunch bag is made of wear-resistant polyester fiber and thick cotton and peva waterproof. Keep food fresh for a long time. It can make your food fresh and delicious. Freezing in an ice pack is better and fresher.

Large capacity:

Size:11.5inch x 9.5inch x 7inch.

Detachable shoulder strap: max: 24in, min: 11in

Full open design:

You can easily and quickly put in and take out lunch box or other foods you want , see inside conveniently, no worry about the hassle of wasting your time to find any small items.

Applicable scene:

Easy to use as lunch bag, picnic bag, miscellaneous goods bag, shopping bag. Unisex lunch packs are suitable not only for work and university, but also for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and picnics. Take it to the office, go on a day trip or exercise on the beach.

Best gift ideas:

Our products offer perfect design and high quality materials. A stylish image on both sides, full of fashion! It's great to give it to friends, family and loved ones. This lunch pack will last for years. Fashion design, best ideas for gifts, birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Japanese Sushi Pattern Lunch Bag Tote Bag Cooler Bag for Women I

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