$35 TUFFIOM Extendable Snow Roof Rake with Anti-Skid Soft TPE Handle Patio, Lawn Garden Snow Removal Patio, Lawn Garden , Snow Removal,Roof,Rake,demail.nl,Handle,TUFFIOM,TPE,Soft,$35,with,/coestate1027421.html,Anti-Skid,Extendable,Snow $35 TUFFIOM Extendable Snow Roof Rake with Anti-Skid Soft TPE Handle Patio, Lawn Garden Snow Removal TUFFIOM Extendable Snow Roof Rake TPE Soft sale Anti-Skid with Handle TUFFIOM Extendable Snow Roof Rake TPE Soft sale Anti-Skid with Handle Patio, Lawn Garden , Snow Removal,Roof,Rake,demail.nl,Handle,TUFFIOM,TPE,Soft,$35,with,/coestate1027421.html,Anti-Skid,Extendable,Snow

TUFFIOM Extendable Snow Roof Rake TPE Soft sale Mail order Anti-Skid with Handle

TUFFIOM Extendable Snow Roof Rake with Anti-Skid Soft TPE Handle


TUFFIOM Extendable Snow Roof Rake with Anti-Skid Soft TPE Handle

Product Description

snow rake snow rake snow rake
TUFFIOM Aluminum Frame Snow Rake TUFFIOM Roof Snow Rake TUFFIOM Aluminum Snow Rake
Length 5-20FT 5-20FT 5-20FT
Weight 9.2lb/4.2kg 5.5lb / 2.49kg 5.5lb / 2.49kg
Head Material Nylon amp; Aluminum Frame Nylon Aluminum
Handle Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum

TUFFIOM Extendable Snow Roof Rake with Anti-Skid Soft TPE Handle

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